Byzantine Civ - ii Says Filioque 1 Christ comes form Sun...

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Byzantine Civ. 1. Haraclius (610-641) a. Empiror i. Recovers land lost to the Persians ii. Looses Syria iii. After Death 1. Bulgers take over some north b. Byzantine Empire is in the east now c. Islam takes over Alexandria d. “Shrinking Empire” 2. Leo III (730) a. Blames problems on Arabs who are not Christians b. Believes Images of Christ is bad because it is like what the Greeks did i. Icons ii. Iconoclasm 1. Destruction of Images of Christ 2. Stops after Leo’s death for awhile but then begins again 3. Pope in Rome thinks we should not smash Images a. Archbishop in Constantinople says otherwise 3. Michal 3 rd a. Ends Iconoclasm b. Patriarch named Photius i. Disagrees with the Nicea creed
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Says Filioque 1. Christ comes form Sun and God iii. Western Church says NO c. Petrine Doctrine i. Causes a great separation ii. Eastern Patriarch excommunicates the Pope iii. Pope Excommunicates the Eastern Petrarch 4. Macedonian Dyn (867-1057) a. Basil i. Establishes this ii. Expands territory 5. Schism – 1054 a. Mutual excummication b. Churches Split 6. Manikert 7. Crusades a. Big effect on the empire 8. Themes a. Divided Empire into districts b. One guy controls it 9. Manzapurch a. Byzintine vs Turks 10. Wealthy as hell via trade with ships 11. Keep greek Classics alive via Scholors 12....
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Byzantine Civ - ii Says Filioque 1 Christ comes form Sun...

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