Transform Of Empire - Tetrarch o o o 2 Agouties 2 Caesar...

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Tetrarch o 2 Agouties o 2 Caesar o Made by Diocleasion Battle of Milvian Bridge o Constantine Adopts Christian symbol Who sacked Rome in 410 o Visigoths Transformation of Empire (350-565) 1. Everyone moving to the east a. Emperor is in Constantinople near the Bosporus i. Makes it a island much as Athens did ii. Theodosius build a outer wall iii. The Second Rome 2. Christian Ideas a. Gnostic (Monophysite) i. Secret Knowledge 1. World is dualistic a. Christ was full divine and not human at all b. Donatism i. How to make sacraments are holey ii. Who determines who is holy enough to be a bishop a. c. Manicheism i. Made my Manies ii. Evil Matter imprisons the soul from the light
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iii. In order to let light out 1. Elect a. People who are of the Light b. Live life of purity 2. Herrs a. People who are not Elect who deny all pleasures of life d. Aranism i. Founded by Arieus 1. From Alexandria ii. Only one god, Christ is not god, and is human iii. Homo or homio iv. Christ is Similar to God but is not at all e. Council of Nicea i. Constitune calls a council of 300 at Nicea – at 325 1. Council of Nicea 2. Comes up with a creed 3. Christ is both human and godly 4. What holy books or cannon
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Transform Of Empire - Tetrarch o o o 2 Agouties 2 Caesar...

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