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Renaissance - Renaissance 1 Humanism a Focus on what humans...

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Renaissance 1. Humanism a. Focus on what humans can do i. Not church b. Petrarch i. Poet ii. From Florence iii. Interest in Classical Latin 1. Found Cicero’s works c. Renaissance i. Rebirth of the classical teaching+Learning 2. Painting + Arts a. Vary Mechanical b. School of Athens i. High point in renaissance c. Lit. Criticism i. Gift of Constantine was proven to be a forgery ii. Letters of Paul are re thought d. Lorenzo Valla i. Chalanged Donation of Constantine ii. Proved it was forgery e. Machiavelli i. The Prince 1. Shows how the science of politics is ridiculous f. Artists- 1. Gotto
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a. From Florence b. Sculptor c. Realistic stuff d. Inspired by Helinestistic Greece e. Depicted people in natural figures 2. Ghberti a. Naturalist Sculptor b. Inspired by Rome c. “Gates of Paradise “ 3. Da Vinci a. Skilled in everything b. War Machines for Bruchili c. Paintings d. Dabbled in everything really e. Eris Schuuro i. Shades of dark/light to make depth in paintings 4. Raphael a. Worked in Rome at the Vatican 5. Michelangelo a.
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