Sumer,akkadians general meso aka 27

Sumer,akkadians general meso aka 27 - 1 Divination –...

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World Cultures 8/27 1. History - to Qeuestion (Heratitus of poly-carnasis). A Record and Interpretation of Humankinds actions, deeds, doings, based on best available evidence and set within a time frame a. Cannot take place before writing 2. Civilization/Commonwealth/ City - Writeing a. Complex City b. Cebles - citizen c. Buracaicy that records history 3. Culture –ways humans intreact a. 4. Western- base in Asia Minor a. Cannon have this without agriculture b. Greco-Roamn c. Jude- Christian 5. Proto-Civilization a. Society that was mainly agriculture 6. Bronze Age – Mix of metal and tin a. Metallurgy comes in Cilization 7. Mesopotamia – Between rivers a. Between Euphrates and Tigris b. Irrigation started by pre-Sumarians i. Alowed bigger population 8. Sumarians a. Each city had a priest/god i. First built terraced temples – Ziggurat
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Divination – Checking entrails of sacrificed victims for words form gods ii. Kings drived form Priests who gained power b. Writing early on i. Cuneiform c. Gilgamesh i. First king of Uruk ii. Tons of stories made of him d. Lugal Anamundu 9. Akkadianis a. Sargon of Akade -2370 b.c i. Wished to be king of all places b. Conquered Sumer, c. Made a rich city 10. Amorites, (Babylonians) a. Took over the raiding empires of what was once Akkadians b. Ammurubi – 1776 b.c i. Made a law book “Ammurubi’s code” ii. Written in Cuneiform, iii. Series of laws for punishments and offenses iv. Posted on huge pillars in the middle of town v. To equals its equal offence but if it was to a lower class its most likely a fine...
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Sumer,akkadians general meso aka 27 - 1 Divination –...

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