8-25 Stone age - 8-25-2010 Western Civ 1. Hominids a. Came...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-25-2010 Western Civ 1. Hominids a. Came around 3.5 milion years ago b. Stone ages (lithic means stone) i. Paleolithic – pre stone 1. Group hunters 2. Female gathers i i. Neolithic- 10k B.C 1. Agricultural revolution a. Made civilization, town, villages i. b. c. Neandertal – Europe 100,000 i. Bur ry dead, with tools, weapons, food ii. Died out d. Cromagnum – Homeo Sapen Sapen (thinking) i. “Modern Human” e. Cultures- ways humans interact Jericho one of the first villages, as was Huyuk ...
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