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COMP 1210 Exam 1 006 - Spring em I Exam I 4131mm 1 — Page...

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Unformatted text preview: Spring em I Exam I 4131mm 1 — Page 6 are 1?. Which EthI'IIL‘ fiillnwing dwlamtitme deter}: nut indudfl a reference variable? IJchguJ.‘ uLa LL13; h. SLL'itng 5L3; @I duublt—z xCu—urd; d Rat-Idem Tandfien; e: Berri Tier-.1 Fur-mat. format. — new DecimalF-urmat t" [J . UI'J "II ; #33. Using wiiieli ut'liae J'utEuu-ing as a variable name “mid cause a mmpilehtflne met"? r'lfi'gfin W' E'A ”EEK MAXIM'EIM_ RIM IIF cg.) detthle emue$etut3f23 1‘}. On which fifth: fflllawing lines; it; a rennin: mefl'iml int-flied? E7? deuhle x = Deublewrereileu hlqanethmfitringfltrj); _ in! length = aStriJigUthengtltfl e. public mid eelDetatStrLug time} d. EyrelL'rnmLprinllnf'W’uEue: " '- x]; G. prim-“at: 51min final: dtmhlu MAMMW_AMCIUT~1T Tflflfifl; 3|]. What Is me value OprZIIWRESHlt after the thilewing node is cremated"? rimflfle pnwftem: 1 t'. —' Math .1353! [2 , 33 ; a. ll) = - 31 1:. 1|} 3' C? e. 5. D (a. fl 3? @ee .fitli .THWL classes that mum-1 driver program [i “e do not inelude a main rimmed} must have which nl'ih-e Emilia-wing: a. instance wriablee L1. :1 eonstmetet def‘miticee e. aneflmd det‘mitione d. All HIE-111:: alum-e: GB: Nun: tat-the: uhtwc #33. Supp-tree that user‘e'iew is an iuetanee eftJ'Ie Intemmtetien eleee. Which line invokes the tefirring themed et'the interpretation class {either Unplieitljr' erexpl'teitlfli’ a. fitting gut-put: 115E?"‘u"i aw.qetfi.]il’nfnrmatinnil-; {T}. System . enut .println {user‘di em . geti'eame E} } ; [5%) String keep = ”Data.- " + user‘u‘iew: d. UECL'ViElu-IQCLHJMC‘H ; PE} 313,: 5tem-nut _ prit1LiLt[I:1LL=-rp:r_' Let Lina-11. ElELLCLMESSACE] ; ...
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