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Unformatted text preview: Your return address (but not your name) Match cover Date the thank-you is sent Name of the recipient (always ask for a business card, so you have the correct info) Title Salutation followed by a colon Dear __________: (whatever the person asked you to call him/her) General comments about writing thank-you messages: Sending a thank-you note is polite business practice and may help secure your interview. You can send the message via email or snail mail—whichever mode is most strategic considering the situation (have you been conducting business via email so far?) and the individual (is the person a recruiter who travels a lot)? Email: If you send the thank you note via email, you’ll likely embed the thank you message within the body of the email message. No need to include an attachment for this message. Since the “to/ from” information will be included as part of the email message, you’ll start the message with the...
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