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Your return address (but not your  name) Date the packet is sent Name of the recipient, if possible Title Address Salutation followed by a colon Dear __________: Goals of the launch: Name the position you’re applying for (the bottom line of the message) Make a connection with the reader/indicate your interest Forecast your “goodness of fit” for the position  Goals of the “development” section  Suggest how your qualifications fit with the needs of the company (tricky balance between  listing accomplishments and suggesting how qualifications are a fit for the company) Begin to establish credibility by having relevant experience, experience working with  reputable companies, volunteering with organizations, demonstrating an understanding of  the target company, etc. Craft a story to connect your experiences and qualifications with the needs of the company
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Unformatted text preview: Key considerations for the section: 1) Each element you forecast in the launch should align with a paragraph in this middle section. 2) Each paragraph must have a topic sentence that makes a strong claim regarding your qualifications. 3) Each paragraph should be well-developed, but not so long as to create a visually overwhelming page that features buried information. 4) The letter should be so well tailored that it only applies to this one company/position. Goals of the closing paragraph: • Thank the reader for reviewing your materials • Reinforce your interest in the position • Request an interview Complimentary close Space for your signature. Always hand-sign paper Signature block with KFBS info...
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