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English 102 Mulligan Unit 1 Assignments: Science and Memory Feeder 1.1: Analysis of Scientific Articles Draft Due: Wednesday, Jan. 19th Final Due: Monday, Jan. 24th Choose a topic related to memory from the list of possible topics (listed below the assignment sequence). Find two articles that approach the topic scientifically. One article should be written to an audience of non-specialists, and the other should be written to an audience of specialists. In a 2-3 page paper, analyze the similarities and differences between the two articles in terms of audience and evidence. Your paper should answer the following questions: • What kinds of audiences are these authors writing for? How do you know? • How does each author establish his/her authority in the article? Are the authors equally credible? • In terms of purpose, content/evidence, and presentation, how are the two articles similar? In what ways are the two articles different? Do you think that the difference between the intended audiences can explain all the differences between the articles? • What seem to be unique stylistic characteristics of scientific writing? How are these different from the ways we write papers in other disciplines? Turn in a copy of each article with your assignment. Feeder 1.2: Annotated Bibliography Draft Due: Friday, Jan. 28 th Final Due: Wednesday, Feb. 2 nd Turn in an annotated bibliography of no fewer than seven sources published in the last ten years that approach your topic scientifically. At least three of the sources must be articles in scientific journals or edited books, written from an insider in the profession to another insider. At least three of the sources need to be written from an insider to an outsider (i.e., to a more general, possibly uninformed, reader). A successful bibliography will be in CBE format, with a three-to four-sentence description of the source’s content following each citation. The description of each source should be in your own words. A copy of the first page of each article must be attached to the bibliography. Unit One Project Drafts Due: (Written:) Mon., Feb. 7th and (Oral:) Wed., Feb. 9 th Final Due: Fri., Feb. 11 h ; Mon. Feb. 14 th ; or Wed., Feb. 16 th (All Written Proposals Due on the Wed., Feb. 16 th via E-mail) Oral Component: Based on the research you have done on your topic, prepare a 4-5 minute presentation to the class, a group of non-specialists in your area. Your presentation should inform your audience about current scientific knowledge and research on your topic. Remember that you will need to focus on the basics and model your presentation to your audience. Feel free to use handouts or visual aids to help explain scientific processes or definitions.
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English 102 Mulligan Written Component: Your goal is to convince the Department of Neuroscience (or another department in the sciences) to allocate some of its grant money to aid further research on your topic. Write a one-to two-page proposal to the head of the department,
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102 Assignment Sequence-3 - English 102 Mulligan Unit 1...

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