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Mary Catherine Beck Ms. Mulligan English 102 28 November 2009 “Dream Deferred” Upon a facade superficial reading, Langston Hughes’s “ Dream Deferred” may give a pessimistic impression about how dreams are never fully explainable or obtainable, which and a leaves one questioning and dreaming. However, upon closer reading it is clear the Hughes is reiterating to the readers with the insistence that dreams are amazing aspect of one’s life, but they are over with the realization of, “Oh, man it is time to get out of bed.” At the allegorical level, Hughes morphs the poem to reflect the dreams of oppressed African Americans. While “Dream Deferred” has been the subject to a meticulous substantial amount of criticism in which the theme of the poem has been greatly debated, I believe that the theme of the poem lies in the fact that from the instant a dream is created, one is it motivated s one to accomplish a that dream. Through the use of rhetorical questions, and dramatic imagery, which implements pathos, Hughes raises a larger question about how African American’s dreams are being pushed over aside and “exploding” which in turn leads to unsettling feelings in the community and an emotional level despair with which the reader can sympathize for his reader to connect with the poem . Since, the Harlem Renaissance when Hughes wrote “Dream Deferred,” racial attitudes criticism have s changed. In the 1920s more people expressed hatred towards blacks and could care less about their dreams. Although, criticism has stated that the audience cannot identify with a black man’s dream, I utterly refute this claim, as I believe it the poem expresses is a wishful man’s optimistic attitude that his dream and the dreams
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of his people will one day be redeemed. The poem’s tone of despair can be ultimately resolve d in hope and equality no longer “deferred.” . To fully understand the poem a brief history of
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Beck UP 3 Draft - Mary Catherine Beck Ms. Mulligan English...

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