Close Reading Handout - A GUIDE TO CLOSE READING DO. Choose...

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A GUIDE TO CLOSE READING DO…. Choose a passage that is no longer than 100 words. Remember the four criteria: Nerve, Originality, Verve, and Ambition Make a claim that the passage supports an overall textual theme in the introduction. Use the language of the passage only to prove that this understanding of theme is logical and correct. o This is achieved through an analysis of the figurative language within the text: this may include metaphor, hyperbole, allusion, simile, juxtaposition, personification, irony, symbolism, etc Use conclusion space to re-link the theme to the analysis of passage language. Embrace your confusion, which is an acceptable first response, but I'm going to push you to become critics, to take that confusion about a line or a whole poem and ask yourself why, then try to explain it through interpretation and attention to detail. DO NOT…. Use language found outside of the chosen passage in your analysis. Provide more than 2-3 sentences of back story, plot summary, or synthesis. Provide an analysis of anything other than figurative language in relation to theme. This means… o No characterization analysis o No analysis of anything that cannot be tied back to theme in some way. Think of this as if you are presenting a case: Intro: Introduce the text to the reader very briefly—no more than 2-3 sentences. Intro may mention author and text, what is happening in the passage you’ve selected, or social context, VERY BRIEFLY with the purpose of giving your reader a recap of the passage/ text. Make a claim about the theme.
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Close Reading Handout - A GUIDE TO CLOSE READING DO. Choose...

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