Davis UP 2 Final-1 - Wesley Davis 11/3/2010 English 102...

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Wesley Davis 11/3/2010 English 102 Mulligan Sprint Nextel Sprint, now officially Sprint Nextel, is the third largest mobile phone carrier in the United States, with over 48 million customers nationwide and an expansive, sophisticated, and well- maintained network (Barrons). Yet, Sprint Nextel is bleeding customers, and profits at an alarming rate. Sprint posted a 2.43 billion dollar loss in 2009 and expectations are that as many as four and a half million already paid subscribers may leave Sprint Nextel’s network this year (Yahoo). Sprint’s lackluster performance is probably due to a number of reasons, but Sprint’s top competitors: Verizon and AT&T likely have had the greatest impact. Verizon and AT&T aggressively marketed their BlackBerry and smartphone lines while Sprint fell behind, only recently firing back with their own Palm series. With Verizon coverage coming to the iPhone in the near future it’s clear that more customers will continue to abandon ship unless Sprint takes back the initiative by getting more customers on profitable smartphone data plans. Despite Sprint’s net losses, current numbers show that revenue is increasing, not enough to move the company back into the black, but enough to show that a recovery is within grasp (Forbes). To accomplish this Sprint Nextel needs to more effectively advertise their existing smartphone plans and work to get their service on the iPhone, Motorola Droid, and others as well as attempt to secure their own exclusive deals with phone manufacturers. Palm smartphone sales
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Davis UP 2 Final-1 - Wesley Davis 11/3/2010 English 102...

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