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Zachary Frere ENGL 102 Professor Mulligan 11/16/09 Seamus Heaney Close Reading In the poem “Punishment”, Seamus Heaney portrays the death and afterlife of a bog body. The story centers on a bog body of a girl that was murdered in Ireland. It is a story of of life, death, and love . A ll intertwin love and death entwined ed in to to the a final moment before the girl’s life tragically ended. Through the image of the girl in the bog, Heaney is able to show that his life in modern Ireland similar to the Ireland of years past . The poem has some intriguing lines when it comes to Heaney description and feelings toward a dead body. The weirdest line in the poem is “I am the artful voyeur” [line 32]. This line draws your attention because Heaney’s use of the word voyeur in referencing an inanimate object. Accompanied by the lines before, “you were flaxen- haired” [line 25] and “My poor scapegoat, I almost love you” [lines 28- 29], line 32 is far too personal and realistic to be the imaginary portrait of the bog body. Instead of having erotic thoughts toward a dead body, Heaney ’s speaker is clearly talking about a lost love from his life. It is about this unknown love that Heaney is referencing whe
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Frere 3.1 Draft 2 - Zachary Frere ENGL 102 Professor...

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