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Speech Rubric - Organization(20 Coherent(all ideas are...

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Unit 2: Speech Evaluation Form Speaker: ________________________________________________ Date: ________ Topic: ___________________________________________________ Evaluation: 5= Highly skilled; demonstrates nearly flawless work 4= Skilled but needs some polishing; above average work with room for improvement 3= Average work; several problems exist 2= Weak work; multiple problems exist 1/0= Does not fulfill requirements of the assignment Content (40%): Introduction (attention-getter, importance of issue, clear stance) _______ Presentation of steady, structured information (sticks to thesis) _______ Absence of mere opinion (no unsupported claims or conjecture) _______ Conclusion (closure, ends with a punch, ties everything together) _______ Total x 2:
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Unformatted text preview: _______ Organization (20%): Coherent (all ideas are unified and make sense together) _______ Subordinated (all ideas flow one to the next in a logical fashion) _______ Total x 2: _______ Evidence (20%): Use of evidence (amount, strategically deployed) _______ Quality of evidence (fully explained, logical, appropriate use) _______ Total x 2: _______ Target audience (10%): Specifically targets the argument to the appropriate audience _______ Predicts and counters potential questions/concerns of audience _______ Total: _______ Delivery (10%): Engages audience (eye contact, facial expressions, tone) _______ Speaks conversationally, mostly from memory _______ Total: _______ Total score: ______ Comments:...
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