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Speech Tips - careful of using sloppy transitions such as...

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Tips for the Oral Presentation Make sure your file attachments will work for the presentation. Email the Powerpoint to yourself several times as a test. Also, you should bring a jump drive containing the file or an attachment cord to hook your laptop to the monitor in the room JUST IN CASE. Technical difficulties may arise—successfully negotiating them in a timely fashion is part of your responsibility as a presenter. Be sure to put your name and topic on your rubrics before you print them out, your Powerpoint (if you have one), AND to introduce yourself and your topic at the beginning of your speech. Don’t chew gum or candy. Be conscious of your body language. Watch nervous hand-ticks and shuffling your feet. Dress up if it will make you feel more comfortable. Practice, practice, practice until you feel confident. Try to pace how quickly you speak. People tend to speed up when they’re nervous, so remember to breathe and take your time. Feel free to pause as necessary, but be especially
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Unformatted text preview: careful of using sloppy transitions, such as repeating the word “um,” “yeah,” “like,” or any other useless filler. This will detract from the overall professional tone of your speech. • DO NOT just read straight off your slides or your notecards. This is an oral presentation— you should make good eye contact and be conversational in your tone. • Powerpoint slides should be a harmonious balance of text, charts, and images. Don’t use sound transitions between slides—they’re annoying. If you have a video clip or a link, test it out to make sure it works before you present. • As an audience member: please be on time out of courtesy to the presenters (points will be deducted from your speech for every minute you are late on a speech day), turn off your phone, and most importantly, be kind, honest, fair, and constructive in your comments on the rubric (which are required or your score won’t count)....
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