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Thesis Statement Worksheet 2010 1) Through content/evidence, diction, and explanations/definitions, the two articles each convey their scientific findings to either an audience of specialists or an audience of non- specialists. 2) However, the respective authors use different tones, vocabulary, and content to present the information for their divergent audiences; the former is written for specialists, and the latter is written for a general audience. 3) One article has a general target audience while the other is for readers with an expertise. 4) While the two papers are similar structurally, the intended audience was apparent overall in the paper. 5) In “Misty Water-Colored Memories” by Sally Forgetful, episodic memory is discussed in a general coherent manner that is simple to understand. In the article “Fuhgeddaboudit”, the reader can distinguish that the discussion of episodic memory is more specialized than in the former article. 6)
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