Unit 1 Project-1 - Jeffrey Muscatello English 102 Unit 1...

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Jeffrey Muscatello English 102 Unit 1 Project Taylorism is an idea of the Enlightenment Era where capitalists and factory owners studied the individual movements of their workers to learn how to make their businesses more productive (Kanigel, 2007). In the midst of a worldwide recession and with many people unemployed, it is in our best interest to also make the most of the companies that are still standing to help catalyze the recovery of our entire economy. Procedural memories are what allow us to learn skills and acquire habits needed to do our everyday jobs and skills. With the late breakthroughs in PET scanning as with Parkinson’s disease, it could be interesting to investigate the neural processes related with procedural memory actions in the work place. By funding research into this, we could perhaps learn more efficient methods of training our worker’s procedural memories and make our companies more productive. To perform a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan, one must either be injected or swallow a radiotracer so that the scientists can detect where the gamma rays from the radiotracer are accumulating (Radio Info, 2008). This allows researchers to detect if there is a problem by looking for clumps or obscure gamma ray patterns. This same method was used in Eggar’s lab when he and his scientists looked to learn more about the basal ganglia dysfunction in the brains of Parkinson’s disease patients (Eggars,
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Unit 1 Project-1 - Jeffrey Muscatello English 102 Unit 1...

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