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LH Fall 2010 Page 1 of 1 How to Plan a Case (for beginners) RSM 323 Tutorial #2 Handout General Frame of Mind 1. Do not let the case intimidate you. 2. Think of yourself as a CA/CGA/CMA and really put yourself in the shoes of the role you are assigned. The whole time you are reading the case, think to yourself “If this was real, what would I do? What would I say?” Reading 1. Read the case slowly. 2. Watch for any recurring issues or thoughts that pop into your head as this usually means it is an issue that needs to be discussed. 3. Use the question paper and/or the case outline to write down your thoughts. Components of the Template Plan 1. Timeline a. A timeline is very useful if there are a lot of dates given in the case. Make sure to record all date given to you in the case. b. Make sure you review your timeline to identify any issues/constraints. 2. Role a. What role are you given? External auditor? Controller? Advisor? etc. 3. User(s) of the Report
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