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Chapter 2 Outline - Adam Ward Chapter 2 Outline Page | 1...

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Adam Ward Chapter 2 Outline Page | 1 Membership I. Relationship of Groups and Membership i. we are all members of groups ii. membership is the relationship between a person and a group of other people iii. some properties of groups: 1. membership is defined 2. members think of themselves as composing a group 3. there is a sense of shared purpose among members 4. members communicate differently with other members than with non-members 5. members have expectations for certain ways of behaving in various situations in which the group finds itself 6. there are leadership policies and roles 7. a status system emerges among members II. Types of Memberships A. Formal Membership i. when we say membership in a group is clearly defined, we are talking about a boundary condition B. Aspiring Membership i. aspiring members are not formally within the boundary of the group ii. although they don’t have a ticket of admission, they act as though they might get one, and they want to be prepared should the opportunity arise C. Marginal Membership i. the marginal member may be seen as within the circle (the boundary) but close to the edge D. Membership in the Formal or Informal Organization i. in the formal organization the criteria are usually known ii. in the informal organization the criteria are often unstated, and membership rules may support or contradict the rules of the formal organization E. Voluntary and Nonvoluntary Membership i. speaking of memberships, we usually consider participation voluntary ii. nonvoluntary groups consist of members who have no choice regarding their affiliation III. Why People Join Groups i. lack of self-esteem can be a major motivator ii. some people have a very strong need to belong iii. some people have more direct reasons for joining prominent groups – for example, to meet people and share interests
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Adam Ward Chapter 2 Outline Page | 2 iv. three major reasons that people join groups: 1. they like the task or activity of the group 2.
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