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Adam Ward Chapter 4 Outline Page | 1 Goals I. Power of a Goal i. goals have an enormous motivating effect on us, from starting bad habits to ceasing them. ii. the motivating power of goals affects not only individuals but groups as well II. Distinguishing Between Individual Goals and Group Goals i. we are constantly concerned with fulfilling our personal goals, but group goals have a different place in our lives III.How Are Individual Goals Formed? i. our goal orientation can have a huge impact on our varied psychological, mental, and behavioral processes IV. How Are Group Goals Formed? A. Individuals have Goals for the Group: Person-Oriented and Group-Oriented Group Goals i. basically, we participate in groups because we believe that in doing so, we will derive more satisfaction than if we did not participate or belong ii. group-oriented motive: they accept and conform to the group objective even though accomplishment promises no immediate personal benefit to them individually iii. person-oriented motive: likely to consider a suggested group goal in terms of alternatives for himself or herself B. Individual Goals Are Converted to Group Goals i. groups develop goals by applying the criteria of fairness, effectiveness, or some combination of the two V. Classification of Goals i. we can classify goals as formal or informal and as operational or
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Chapter 4 Outline - A dam Ward Chapter 4 Outline Page | 1...

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