Group Dynamics Term Paper 2

Group Dynamics Term Paper 2 - Ward 1 Group Dynamics Groups...

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Ward 1 Group Dynamics Groups and group dynamics have become the focus of intensive research in an attempt to define, understand, and develop the social nature of man. Educators also have become interested in groups as they seek positive change in the educational system for the best possible learning of all students. Webster defines "group" as: "a number of persons or things gathered closely together and forming a recognizable unit." A group is able to share experiences, provide  feedback, pool ideas, generate thoughts, and provide a place for studying experiences. A group  can also provide a measure of support and reassurance.   People can be both stimulated and distracted by being in a group. They respond to a wide variety of group norms and pressures. Working in groups can be rewarding, but at times it can be difficult and downright frustrating. If there are poor communicators in your group, you may often feel left in the dark, confused or misunderstood. To create a successful group, effective communication methods are necessary for both members and leaders. Even though some people understand their communication skills need improving, many aren't certain how to improve them. (Unknown) There are several factors that contribute to an individual becoming a productive member of a group: “Communicate – If you have a problem with someone in your group, talk to him about it. Letting bad feelings brew will only make you sour and want to isolate yourself from the group. Not only does it feel good to get it out, but it will be better for the team in the long run. Don’t Blame Others – People in your group lose respect for you if
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Group Dynamics Term Paper 2 - Ward 1 Group Dynamics Groups...

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