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Progress Check Questions for Chapter 12 - of a sample or...

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Adam Ward Progress Check Questions for Chapter 12 1. What are the two aspects to an effective operating system? 1. design 2. control 6. Explain the term kaizen . It is a philosophy for improvement. It literally means “good change,” and it describes a process of continuous and relentless improvement. It is a system of taking small steps to improve the workplace. 11. What is acceptance sampling? It is a method of predicting the quality of a batch or a large group of products from an inspection
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Unformatted text preview: of a sample or group of samples taken from the batch. 12. What is the purpose of a process control chart? It shows whether a machine or a process is producing output at the expected quality level. They attempt to show if a machine is out of control and not why it is out of control. 13. What are the three categories of inventory classification? 1. Raw material 2. In process 3. Finished goods...
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