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Progress Check Questions for Chapter 14

Progress Check Questions for Chapter 14 - stakeholders in...

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Adam Ward Progress Check Questions for Chapter 14 1. Define the term cyberspace . The internet: a computer network consisting of a global network of computers. 2. What is electronic commerce? Conducting business over the internet. 6. What are some of the challenges managers face in a virtual organization? how to manage a team that may be spread across 50 states or 20 countries how do you build a team when the team members never meet in person how much of your proprietary information are you willing to share with this new partner in order to make the new relationship work how do you know you can maintain quality while working through a third-party vendor 8. Can the technology of videoconferences replace the human interaction of meeting with
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Unformatted text preview: stakeholders in person? Why or why not? Yes. The technology that we have today, like Cisco, can replace the human interaction because it reduces business costs and it does seem just like everyone is in the same meeting room even though they may be half-way across the world. 9. What are ethics? Ethics are a set of moral principles or values that govern behavior. 10. What is a code of ethics? A code of ethics is a document that outlines the principles of conduct to be used in making decisions within an organization. 11. Does establishing a code of ethics prevent unethical behavior? Why or why not? No. They need to be enforced because if not they probably do more harm than good....
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