Supply Chain Project 2

Supply Chain Project 2 - Ward 1 Supply Chain Management...

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Ward 1 Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management is the organized sequence of operations among a company’s facilities, functions, and activities that are involved in producing and delivering a product or service. The supply chain is just one aspect of the overall operations management of a company. It covers all the movements and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from the beginning of the process to the time a customer takes possession of the product. It cannot exist without operations, and a business could not survive without both of them. (Stevenson) If a company makes a product from parts purchased from suppliers, and those products are sold to customers, then that company has a supply chain. Some supply chains are simple, while others are rather complex. The difficulty of the supply chain will vary with the size of the business and number of items that are manufactured. Supply Chain Management has been around for a long time. In fact, one could say that Joseph from the old testament of the Bible was a supply chain manager. Pharaoh made him ruler over the land of Egypt to store enough grain from the seven years of plentiful harvest to cover for the seven years of famine. Joseph had to plan on how to produce so much grain, transport the grain, and store all the grain until it was time for use. Although, he did have God’s help, it was a master plan that worked without fail because during the years of famine all the people of the surrounding lands had to come to Egypt to buy the finished product to survive. There are several elements that make up a supply chain: 1. Customer – places an order 2. Planning – create a production plan 3. Purchasing – places an order to suppliers for raw materials 4. Inventory – raw materials are stored until needed 5. Production – product is manufactured using raw materials
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Supply Chain Project 2 - Ward 1 Supply Chain Management...

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