The Technology in Excercise 2

The Technology in Excercise 2 - The Technology in Exercise...

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The Technology in Exercise Exercise is defined as a physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive. It is only half of the equation to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet coupled with exercise has several health benefits such as controlling body weight, blood pressure and sugar, and cholesterol. There are many ways to get the exercise we need to be healthy. We can use a treadmill and lift weights at home, swim, or even join a wellness center that has everything a person would need to stay fit. There used to be a time when children would be outside playing all day long. These days, with the technology we have, kids are inside lying around playing video games or watching TV. Obesity is growing at a rapid rate among our children and it seems as though they don’t have time to exercise as much as they should. To minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and to prevent insulin resistance, children need to exercise or have some sort of physical activity 60 to 90 minutes per day. (Stan Reents) It's absolutely critical that we get children to exercise more. As kids move into adolescence, their rates of regular (daily) exercise drop dramatically, especially in black girls (Kimm SYS, et al. 2002). There is evidence that once a child becomes obese, the struggles with weight-control may persist for life. A recent Johns Hopkins University study predicted that nearly 24 percent
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The Technology in Excercise 2 - The Technology in Exercise...

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