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Sociology Notes 4 - Population and the Environment Malthus...

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Population and the Environment Malthus vs. Marx Reverend Thomas Malthus: Believed that the world’s population was growing faster than the food supply and would result in food shortages. Advocated population control programs such as postponing marriage to later ages and not artificial birth control Karl Marx Believed food shortages arise not from over-population, but from misuse or unequal distribution of resources Advocated violently over-throwing capitalist nations that focused on wealth generation Human ecology: Refers to the area of study that is concerned with the relationships between people and their environment The Three Relationships The environment provides the resources essential for life The environment serves as a waste repository The environment houses our species Problems arising from population growth, technology, and globalization Air pollution Water pollution Global Warming When we make stuff, stuff happens Pollution Air Pollution More than 1 billion people are exposed to health damaging levels of air pollution
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Emissions from automobiles Emissions from heavy industries Smog The World Health Organization estimates that 700,00 premature deaths could be prevented every year with safer levels of pollutants Water Pollution Many bodies of water in the U.S. have become unsafe for drinking, fishing,
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Sociology Notes 4 - Population and the Environment Malthus...

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