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final review 1 - Final Review LA 1203*The Wilderness Act...

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Final Review LA 1203 *The Wilderness Act took 20 years of lobbying to get the act passed. There was a big compromise; that all the lands that would be set aside in the 1964 Act would be lands that came out of our national parks or monuments, national forests, or national wildlife refugees. These were very valuable lands and had a large desire by the public to have the lands be valued. The BLM (bureau of land management came out of the second agreement and excluded BLM). Aldo Leopold - forester in the Gila National Forest and proposed it as the first primitive area, wrote the Sand County Almanac. Bob Marshall was a socialist and believed that all forested land should be the property of all the people. He was a climber and a counter. Howard Zianizer was a burocrat, a pit-bull, a lobbyist; he got the wilderness act through congress. He went to all the hearings before the passage of this bill and got it through the congress and died a month before it was passed. *Mirror of America -The last story dealt with echo canyon. David Harmon, the author of Mirror of America was saying that that issue was that there was a damn to be built and was stopped. It was the coming of age of conservation movements because the achieved a political power. Wallace Stagner wrote a piece about Powell going down the Colorado. Benard Devoto enlisted Stagner to work against this damn at Echo Park in the Dinosaur and together, they were a part in the movement to stop the damn. *Who wrote from the easy chair from Harper magazine? –Devoto *Sierra Club put out their first battle book on Dinosaur. “This is dinosaur…” was the title. *Who was Earl Douglass? –he was digging up dinosaur bones. Andrew Carninge built Carninge museum, library, and hall in Pitsburg. The institution was filled with dinosaurs as an exhibit and Earl Douglass had that obligation. Souviner hunters kept stealing his bones, so he worked to get his area set aside as a national park. *Dinosaur National Monument is associated with Green and Yalmpa River, Earl Douglass, Echo Canyon, Utah Colorado border…all of the above… *True or False: Echo park marks the beginning of the use of ecology in the conservation movement according to Harmon. –False; Echo Park marks the movement as a political force.
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*Who wrote from the easy chair in Harper’s magazine? -Devoto
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final review 1 - Final Review LA 1203*The Wilderness Act...

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