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final review 3 - Lecture Landscape Review 1- Kindred...

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Lecture Landscape Review 1- Kindred spirits (1849)- painted by Asher B. Durand- he depicted Thomas Cole(founder of Hudson River School of Art) and William Cullen Bryant(came up with the idea of central park in NYC and something else I think) in this painting 2- The Rocky Mountains (1863)(painting)- Albert Bierstadt, painted big landscape painting, painting is significant because it was sold at the American Sanitary Commission(the predecessor of the American Red Cross), the secretary was Fredrick Law Olmsted 3- Know all the names of the course of Empire by Thomas Cole (look at paintings and know the overall feeling and what is going on in the painting) -The Savage State (1834) the New York Historical Society - The Pastoral or Arcadian State (1834) “ -The Consummation of Empire (1835-36) “ -The Destruction (1836) “ -The Desolation (1836) “ 4- Where did Thomas Cole get his art education? Europe 5- John Muir and someone else were on opposite sides of what issue? The Hetchhetchie, reservoir that damns up the blank river in Yosemite 6- What profession was Gilford Pinchot? A forester, Fredrick Law Olmsted brought him to the Biltmore estate then became Teddy Roosevelt’s forester 7- John Muir and Gilford Pinchot were friends at one point because both were working to create some committee 8- Aldo Leopold- writer, forester, applied the idea of ethics to what we do to the land, wrote Sand County Almanac, when he was a forester he proposed to the Department of
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final review 3 - Lecture Landscape Review 1- Kindred...

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