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final review 5 - F inal Review LA 1203 50 questions on...

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Final Review LA 1203 – 50 questions on lecture, 25 for reading (worth 2 points each) *The Wilderness Act took 20 years of lobbying to get the act passed. There was a big compromise; that all the lands that would be set aside in the 1964 Act would be lands that came out of our national parks or monuments, national forests, or national wildlife refugees. These were very valuable lands and had a large desire by the public to have the lands be valued. The BLM (bureau of land management came out of the second agreement and excluded BLM) has more land than any other agency. Took two years for a national park. Aldo Leopold - forester in the Gila National Forest and proposed it as the first primitive area, wrote the Sand County Almanac. Leopold – academic, forester, establisher of ethics Bob Marshall was a socialist and believed that all forested land should be the property of all the people. He was a climber, a counter, and an author. Howard Zianizer was a bureaucrat, a pit-bull, a lobbyist, valued wilderness; he got the wilderness act through congress. He went to all the hearings before the passage of this bill and got it through the congress and died a month before it was passed. *Who was the first native-born artist naturalist? -William Bartrum *Who painted “Kindred Spirits?” –Asher B. Duran painted this as a tribute to Thomas Cole who died the year before. Cole and Bryant were the two people in the painting. Bryant had the idea of central park. *True or False: In 1820, 9/10 paintings were landscape paintings. –False; by 1850, that would be true; but its 1820. *Thomas Cole received his art education in Europe; in the states, he was doing bank notes and took the summer off and started painting nature. Head of Hudson River School. Duran could also be considered head of school afterwards. *Which of the following plants is associated with William Bartrom and John Bartrom (his father)? –Franklinia alatamaha. -Painting of a flower (plant) they saw on some trip
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*Name a painter that painted a painting that went for the highest price at the American sanitation auction? -“The Rocky Mountains” by Albert Bearstead. *Muir and Pinchot were on opposite sides of the Hetchhetchie, a reservoir/dam. Muir lost and the dam went down in Yosemite. *True or False - Audubon and Bachman wrote the quadropods, the four footed mammals of America. –False; he wrote about birds of America. *What is the name of the primitive area established by Aldo Leopold? –Gila primitive area in Gila National Forest. He Wrote San County Almanac. *Natural bridge in Virginia is associated with Thomas Jefferson. Used as retreat by him when he was president.
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final review 5 - F inal Review LA 1203 50 questions on...

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