Audience in Communication Theory

Audience in Communication Theory - The Other Relational...

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The Other Relational Prototype 1. Natural language label- word or words that define this relationship 2. Criterial attributes- characteristics that the other person has to have in order for you to attach a label to them ex: trustworthy 3. Communicative behaviors- help us understand the criterial attributes; what this person does to display trustworthiness Self-Disclosure- revealing personal info about yourself to let others know more about you 1. Social Penetration a) Breadth- number of topics you are willing to take about b) Depth- level or personally revealing information 2. Johari Window Open Area: what is known to others and yourself (the more they know about you, the larger the open area will be) Hidden Area: things we know about our self but we don’t want to share with others (we keep secret); the more you reveal to that person, the smaller the hidden area will get. Ex. shameful secrets, past life, bad deeds Blind Area: things that other people know about you or things you do that you can’t see or don’t know about yourself (Ex. friend is a wonderful writer and he/she doesn’t know that so he changes his major to computers; you do something and you’re not aware of it and your friend tells you that you do it and you don’t realize it) Unknown Area: you don’t know about yourself and your friend doesn’t know it either. (Ex. you sing aloud one day and didn’t know you could and your friends don’t know either because you’ve never sang out loud before; you go to a friends party and see a piano and decide to go play it and you surprise yourself by playing really well, you’re friends are surprise as well because they didn’t know you could play it at all)
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Audience in Communication Theory - The Other Relational...

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