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Audience in Performance

Audience in Performance - Audience in Performance...

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Audience in Performance Spectators v. Spectactors Cultural Performance 1. Limited time span 2. Cultural stage 3. Organized pattern of activity 4. Public audience 5. Aesthetically heightened Ritual v. Festival Ritual –any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner –can be performed by an individual, group, or community –often associated with an official religion or religious practice (but does not have to be religious) –examples: weddings, funerals, communions Characteristics of Ritual 1. Spectactors 2. Private action (integral audience) 3. More serious in tone (usually) 4. Invariance; fixed structure 5. Related to central core of life 6. Controlled meaning Festival –a period or program of celebratory activities, cultural events, or entertainment –usually staged by a local community –centers on some unique aspect of that community –offers a sense of belonging for individuals in that community –considered more pagan, secular, or recreational (although may have religious roots) –examples: Mardi Gras, Strawberry Festival, Film Festivals
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