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Our poster on air pollution has many signifiers that depict the message of how awful air pollution is in today’s world. There is a chemical factory, a house, and two cars that represent three of the biggest contributors to air pollution. As these three objects appear to release smoke into the atmosphere through smoke stacks, chimneys, and exhaust pipes one will notice chemicals that are toxic through inhalation to the human body that are released into the air from these three contributing objects. Resulting from this horrible action one will also notice an elderly woman coughing as she walks down a street. Two discursive symbols in our poster are the gray and blue areas of the sky and their respective size. The gray area being so thick symbolizes how much of the earth’s air is consumed by pollution which goes hand in hand with
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Unformatted text preview: the thin blue area meaning that the world has a long way to go in cleaning our air to get to where society should be. One change that was made to our poster was substituting the actual name of chemical compounds as opposed to leaving their chemical symbols above the smoke stacks. The change was made for two reasons: the font and color were not clear so the symbols were hard to read, e.g. Nitrogen Dioxide’s chemical symbol is NO 2 , but looked like the word “no.” This did not change our original idea of letting our audience know what was actually being released into the air. The solution was to write out the actual name of the element so that it was easy to read and easy to understand for anyone who does not know basic chemistry....
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