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What is Communication? Definition : Communication is the imparting, conveying, or exchanging of information via spoken words, sounds, writing, or visual symbols. Features of Communication : 1. Communication is a process. 2. Communication consists of creating and responding to messages. Even if there are no words spoken, there is still communication 3. Communication involves adapting to people and the environment. If talking to second graders, your language would be different than from college students Visible Aspects of Communication : 1. People You can see the people you communicate with 2. Symbols All words are symbols, but not all symbols are words. Ex: a letter grade on a test to show what grade you received 3. Technology- helps us communicate. Ex: TV, computer, phone, internet, etc. Invisible Aspects of Communication : 1. Meaning Words do not lack meaning. We must create the meaning of the words. 2.
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What_is_Communication-1 - What is Communication?...

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