Organizational Development week 5

Organizational Development week 5 - 1 Organizational...

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Organizational Development Karima Abida University of Phoenix PSY/428 04/29/2010 1
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Organizational Development Organizational development is utilized to help modify and implement programs which enhance individual performance and organizational performance. Kurt Lewin’s Three- 02 Development Step Model serves as a guide to developing organizational change. Lewin’s model says that planning, taking action and measuring the outcome is the foundation for organizational change. Lewin also developed the Action Research Model which states “there is dynamic coaction between the researcher and the members of the client organization” (Jex & Britt, p. 480, 2008). Theories associated with organizational change include: General systems theory - companies import material from the environment, change that input, and finally give it back to the environment in some changed shape (Jex & Britt, p. 482, 2008). Burke’s Theory - propose outer conditions directly influence organizational change Implementation of organizational development
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Organizational Development week 5 - 1 Organizational...

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