414Assignment1 - ECSE 414 Intro. to Telecom. Networks...

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ECSE 414 – Intro. to Telecom. Networks Assignment #1 - Fall 2010 09/09/10 M. Rabbat ECSE 414 - Homework Assignment #1 – Application Layer Due Thursday, September 23, 2010 Note: Unless otherwise noted, all assignments are due at the beginning of the lecture period on the due date. For “paper and pencil” problems (such as Problems 1, 2, and 3 below), you may submit a hard copy of your assignment in class or to the instructor’s mailbox, or (preferred method) you can submit your assignment electronically via WebCT. For programming problems (such as Problem 4), you must upload an archive file (e.g., zip, rar, or tgz) on WebCT containing the source code, executable (or .class file for Java applications), and a Readme file containing any special instructions for compiling and running your application. Problem 1 (5 marks, one per part) Consider the following scenario. You are maintaining a local area network that has an access link of 15Mbps and a local LAN capacity of 1Gbps. The users of the LAN produce web requests at an average of 100 per second. The average object size is 100,000 bits. The average round-trip time from the non-LAN end of the access link (the internet-side) to remote web servers is 250ms (including all sources of delay). Assume the delay within the LAN is negligible. Model the average access delay as D /(1- BD ), where D is the time to transmit one web object over the access link and B is the arrival rate of objects to the access link. a) What is the utilization on the LAN and on the access link? b) What is the average access delay, and what is the total average delay for a web access? You pay an ISP $1 per kbps each month (based on the average download rate). A company demonstrates to you that they could install a web-cache server on your LAN with a hit rate of 50 percent. They offer to sell it to you for $75,000. c)
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414Assignment1 - ECSE 414 Intro. to Telecom. Networks...

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