Winter 2010 Midterm

Winter 2010 Midterm - STAT 200 Midterm Exam (Section 103,...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT 200 Midterm Exam (Section 103, MWF 2pm) (Time: 50 minutes , Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 2:00 - 2:50pm, I ) Name: Student ID: This exam is to be done with closed notes/books. One “cheat sheet” ( 8 . 5 × 11 , two sided) is allowed. Make sure you write your name and student ID . Problem 1 (10 pts). Circle the correct answer: true (T) or false (F) (one answer only). (1) There is only one way for a set of numbers to have standard deviation of zero and that is to have identical numbers. T F (2) A measure of spread (or spread-out) gives some idea about the size of the mean. T F (3) Although the probability of an event (on a single trial) occurring is 0.95, the event may not occur at all in 5 independent trials: T F (4) The mean of the sampling distribution of the sample mean is equal to the population mean. T F (5) The sample mean always under-estimates the population mean because of sampling vari- ation. T F Problem 2 (40 pts). Circle the (one) answer that is the most appropriate. (1) What type of distribution is described by the following information: the mean is much larger than the median and the distribution is unimodal (assuming there is no outlier)? (a) skewed to the left (i.e., longer left tail). (b) symmetric. (c) skewed to the right (i.e., longer right tail). (d) Bell-shaped. (2) Which of the following is not correct (a) A parameter is a characteristic of a population....
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Winter 2010 Midterm - STAT 200 Midterm Exam (Section 103,...

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