HLT1353%20Syllabus%20Spring%202011 - HLT 1353 (13197) -...

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Unformatted text preview: HLT 1353 (13197) - PERSONAL H EALT H SPRING 2011 COURSE SYLLABUS I NSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Kellam OFF ICE: Melcher Gym Room 145 (pending) OFF ICE HOURS: Tuesday, 11:00am 12:00pm OR by appointment E-MA I L: sfkellam@gmail.com PHONE: (713) 743-9851 REQU IRED TEXTBOOK: Hahn, D., Payne, W., & Lucas, E. (2010). Focus on Health . McGraw Hill Publishing. Tenth Edition. COURSE OBJECT IVES: At the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. Identify and describe health and lifestyles for optimal wellness. 2. Identify the major factors influencing health behaviors. 3. Identify the determinants of health and their impact on disease and illness. 4. Describe the leading health problems, trends, and needs of adolescents, adults, and the elderly. 5. Identify major agencies, foundations, and associations supporting health promotion that are reliable. 6. Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop and modify lifestyles to improve quality of life. COURSE DETAI LS: 1. Mode of I nstruction: This course will be conducted online through WebCT blackboard. Students are responsible for obtaining a WebCT username and password ( support@uh.edu OR (713) 743-1411). All lectures, assignments, discussions, and exams will be conducted using WebCT blackboard. Students must have the requisite computer operating system and compatible software to access course material. 2. Reading and Lectures: Due to the nature of this course (online), students must be proactive and motivated to succeed. Students are responsible for completing the assigned readings and lectures for the specified weeks on the course schedule. I t is recommended that students read the book chapter first then read the corresponding lecture and then review the two together. 3. Personal Statement: Each student is responsible for a one page paper discussing their interest in health. Students should include their major/minor, reason for taking the course, how their personal health is important, as well as what they do to promote health. Papers must be double- spaced with size 12, Times New Roman font. Papers will be graded on content, quality, and grammar. Papers must be completed and submitted by...
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HLT1353%20Syllabus%20Spring%202011 - HLT 1353 (13197) -...

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