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Part 1- “Formal research” and “business proposals” are used for various purposes but at the same time they do have things in common and there are also quite a few differences. I will compare the commonalities and the differences between the two in this paper. In the second part of this paper I will discuss the hypothesis of “there is no relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty”. Many differences exist among Formal Research and Business Proposals. Formal research is more directed towards the verification of a hypothesis that is stated. On the contrary, a Business proposal is outlined to find a solution for a business, which already exists. A lot of this is accomplished with the systematic assemblage of data as well as information relevant to the business problem (Differences between a business proposal and formal research, n.d.). While doing a formal research, there is set format, which needs to be followed in order for the research paper to be written. Business proposals are written in formats that the organizations have prescribed. Formal research requires an abstract and is mandatory meanwhile a business proposal always requires an executive summary and has to be mentioned throughout the remainder of the business proposal. The two researches rely on different methods of collecting data and the research topic and what method suits it well. Literature reviews are used by formal researches as well as business proposals; articles used for each research make a remarkable difference. Literature analysis uses articles that
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are compromised of academic and scholastic articles (Differences between a business proposal and formal research, n.d.) Meanwhile, if the literature review articles were used at that point, those articles would pertain to trade and commerce that might provide important information, which, might benefit to the growth of the organization. Organization may look to find the
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MGT600IP1�� - Part 1- Formal research and...

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