History 2055

History 2055 - Test 1 19:24 THE AGE OF DISCOVERY • Events that make exploration possible o Renaissance Learning(a rebirth of learning rekindling

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Unformatted text preview: Test 1 19:24 8-24-10 THE AGE OF DISCOVERY • Events that make exploration possible: o Renaissance Learning (a rebirth of learning, rekindling of intellectual activity) 1440’s Guttenberg (printing press) all books were handwritten by monks new innervations in sailing (ex: figuring out navigation) o Political Developments European countries were consolidating. Stronger nations with stronger monarchs. Ferdinand and Isabella got married ruling both Errion and Castile. Then ruled what we know as Spain (who was just finishing the “Rekasika”? trying to kick Muslims out. Spain was catholic • Spain explores and colonizes:--- Money was at the fore front when they started colonizing. A lot of different ways to make money. If they found gold and silver that woud be great but other things would bring them revenue, these new areas they are exploring might have other natural resources that they do not produce in Spain (ex timber to build houses) o Columbus Columbia had their eye on spices. They were essential for basic survival need. They would spice meat to make it swallowable. The spices were in the East Indies – Mulucas (“spice islands”) spices were transported by ships and camels. Everyone who transported the spices had their hands on them to steal the idea and by the time they got to spain, spices were really expensive. At this time everyone knew the earth was round. Columbus differs by thinking that the world was much smaller then anybody else. Most people knew it would takes months and years to sail around the world thinking its all ocean. Columbus thinks if he leaves spain on a ship he will travel to asia to get the spices. No one wanted to sail the world because of no food source. Columbus differed and was determined to get to the spice islands. Columbus wanted to be rich powerful and famous. He married a lady of higher standing instead of the love of his life just to be famous. In order to sail, he needs a sponsor. England says no cause they know its crazy and not worth the money. France, Portugal say no. Spain has ferdinland and Isabella who conjoined their wellfares. Spain says yes cause they are risktakers and can afford it. He rounds up his sailors and they are the scums of life. No life. No job men. They land in Salvador, bahamas. Columbus thought he found the east indies and called the natives Indians. He leaves sailors behind there and goes back to Ferdinand to tell them and got more money. When he returned the sailors raped the Indian women and burned the houses. o Spanish Empire VAST BEAURARACY Everything that happens in the new world is done with the Spanish government. Monarchy has full control. Setting up a very large government bureaucracy. All orders come from the gov’t unlike the English....
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History 2055 - Test 1 19:24 THE AGE OF DISCOVERY • Events that make exploration possible o Renaissance Learning(a rebirth of learning rekindling

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