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test 2 18:35 REVOLUNTIONARY POLITICS DECISION FOR INDEPENDENCE To taxation without representation. American colonists resented from being taxed. So they activate coercive acts, trying to isolate Massachusetts. Instead it unites all colonists to get together and come up with a response. EXTRA LEGAL GOVERNMENT o Government bodies that control. American government lose control. English control government and there is never anarchy. o COMMITTEES OF CORRESPONDENCE – radicals that are keeping attention high on the English congress. . .i think… on the colonial level, theres a struggle b/t royal and elected slate or individuals. Royal gov is selected by people. He relies on his paycheck. The colonial assembles are anger at him . as this starts, the o In Virginia, Thomas Jeff makes a day of fasting and prayer in memory of people from the coervice acts. As royal authority recedes, the FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 1774 o Virigina calls for delegects & meet in Philadelphia in 1774 trying to get a response to solve conflict w England. This is called the continental congress. At this time, it’s a political conflict (no war, no blood). o Issue / problem: the American are against being tax . First proposal: to create a parliament “like” body, still remain loyal to crown across seas but will also be allowed to make decisions in north America. THIS PLAN is voted down by ONE VOTE. o SUFFOLK RESOLVES – PAUL REVERE : comes up with RADICAL PLAN which 1) would make the tolerable acts not enforced, 2) urge Massachusetts to arm for defense, 3) urges all colonist to refuse to pay taxes to royal govn, 4) ask all colonists to elect militical officals and learn about war, … theya re trying to present their position by sending a letter to the king. Colonists continue to respect the king. The king refused to look at all the petitions, and sent people to talk to them and it didn’t work out. Colonists throw another hissy fit and back down. The English governemt refuse to negioate with their men . didn’t want to treat rebels with respect. England creates a blockade to American colonies and end American access. Not trading with spain, france, etc. .. this pushes more people into the patriot camp. More and more people become radicals and go to the patriot side. Lloyalists are people who rremain loyal to English government…. The Americans start preparing for war and leads to lextington and concord. LEXINGTON AND CONCORD 1775
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o KING GEORGE III – not a smart guy, and doesn’t know whats going on so he sends orders to Thomas Gage (military gov of Mass) sends orders to open rebellion in Massachusetts. Gage decides the way he is going to go about that is arrest the ring leader. (sam adams) also by seizing military stores. Gage send 700 british soliders to get control of the military depot at concord. Concord is outside of boston. Gage sends people out at night so they don’t run into them. On their way to concord, they got to the small town of Lexington, and there are 770 minute men intending on only a
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