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FINAL EXAM PARTISAN POLITICS I. 2 ND AMERICAN PARTY SYSTEM DEMOCRATS: (love Andrew Jackson) Martin Van Buren. Likes political parties –“parties are good for democracy” good for campaigns, and checks and balances. Buren sets out to form the Democratic party. o Like agriculture, small farmers, don’t like big corporations or national bank, want smaller fed gov, like state rights, limit national power. Like people more, favorite liberty then power of government. WHIGS: (hate AJ) Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, John Quincy Adams (ex-president) o HENRY CLAY AMERICAN SYSTEM: (becomes platform of whig party) PROTECTIVE TARIFF NATIONAL BANK INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS II. ELECTION OF 1836 Democrats want Buren to succeed Jackson. Whigs nominate 3 people (good way to loose election) so Burn gets president. III. VAN BURENS PRESIDENCY Buren – politician, no military expreince, from new york (yankee), not overbearing like Jackson. PANIC OF 1837- Economy tanks. Worse depression so far. Fed gov cant do anything with it. Ppl lose homes and farms. Burens presidency is consumed with this panic. Can get nothing less done. The term doesn’t do much. IV. THE LOG CABIN CAMPAIGN AND THE ELECTION OF 1840 First modern political campaign. War b/t 2 parties. Whigs have been watching democrats through elections. Whigs need someone like Jackson so they get WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON o Whigs take on democratic persona so William stays quiet. Whigs put JOHN TYLER as VP. o Slogan “TIPPECANOE AND TYLER, TOO!” . . campaign like crazy. Announces Harrison as a commoner, and a hero. Have parades with log cabin and ‘sticky balls’. Whigs do great job campaigning. HARRISON WINS. o Voter turnout: 1824 – 27% voted …1828 – 56% voted … 1840 – 78% voted
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V. A WHIG PRESIDENT – BUT NOT HARRISON Cabinet is filled with whigs. Harrison’s stereotype as a commoner bothered him so he gives the Americans an inaugurate address. Spoke for more then 2 hours –longest in history. First president died in office of ammonia. JOHN TYLER becomes president. Democrat who hated Andrew Jackson. Opposes entire whig platform. Henry Clay rams the legislature down johns throat saying no matter we are passing it. John vetoes it ( whig president vetoes whig platform). Entire cabinet resign in protest and kick John out of office. VI. TROUBLE IN TEXAS Manifest Destiny – to occupy all of nation. Texas is a Mexican property. Southern’s move out west . start farming cotton, building plantations. By 1835, 30000 americans are in texas. Makes Mexican gov nervous. o Santa Anna – Mexican dictator. Texans don’t like being controlled by him so the desire to leave mexico and join US has heightened. Santa Anna demands Americans to get out. Texans declare independence in hopes of joining USA. Santa Anna moves North with
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