16- vietnam war

16- vietnam war - Vietnam War I Early US Involvement a Many...

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Vietnam War I. Early US Involvement a. Many Americans are confused about why we were involved and why we lost i. Many see it as an accidental war - Not an accidental war ii. Many see it as Lyndon Johnson’s War but there were 5 presidents during the Vietnam war (Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon) 1. Blamed Johnson for getting us into the war and losing it, Which is Also false iii. Involvement begins right after WWII b. Truman Years i. Vietnam French-Indo China. Vietnam was a French colony called Indochina. It had been controlled by France since the 1850s. In the 1930s a revolution was started by the Vietnamese to throw off French rule. Ho Chi Minh led this revolution. He was trained by communists in the SU & China but some saw him as a nationalists. His followers were called Vietnam. Starting in the 1930s there is a revolution by the Vietnamese to throw off the French 1. Independence movement directed against the French 2. Our involvement began during WW2 3. Japan invaded Vietnam during WW2 4. Ho Chi Minh – wants independence a. Trained for communism b. Leader of this revolution c. Followers are the Vict Minh 5. Minh and his men begin fighting Japanese because they saw them as another colonial power a. We have agents there; we had Ho Chi Minh in battle w/ Japanese b. He’s our ally during WWII c. When the war ends Minh wants independence for Vietnam d. Approaches the US and ask for help and aid. We aided Ho Chi Mink in battle against japan during ww2. The Vietminh helped us recover pilots that were shot down in the area. e. After WW2, the Vietminh still wants independence from France. Renewed his battle against the French f. Looks for US support and ask us for help in battle against France when they return.
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g. Why don’t we support France? i. We need France as an ally in the Cold war and since we wanted to stop the spread of communism, we didn’t aid the Vietminh in the Vietnam War. ii. When cold war starts – we see Minh as a communism – a puppet of the SU – not really the case 1. Was the communist, but he was nationalist more than a communist. 2. More interested in a independent Vietnam iii. We begin aiding France in the fight against Ho Chi Minh and paid for almost the entire war from 1950-1954, costing $3 billion. iv. The SU ended up aiding the Vietminh. c. Eisenhower Years (**CHECK NOTES BELOW WITH OTHER NOTES**) i. Early on – the French army is pinned down in Dien Bien Phu and Ask Eisenhower for help but turns them down and french surrender ii. After that battle France looks for a way to get out of Vietnam 1. Signs an agreement with Ho Chi Minh to get out and it does 2 things: a. 1) Divides Vietnam in half 17 th parallel. North Vietnam was communists and south was for the US and its allies. b.
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16- vietnam war - Vietnam War I Early US Involvement a Many...

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