9-world war 2

9-world war 2 - World War II I. Fighting and defeating...

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World War II I. a. Out produce Germany and Japan b. US mainland not attacked turn out more military products c. Build massive air force d. Focused on opening up second front and also begin bomb raids on Japan e. D –day (1944) – 2 nd Front (Operation Overload) i. 3 million troops cross English channel and rapidly push German troops back to Germany ii. Soviet Union also closing in – obvious that Germany will be defeated iii. Hitler kills himself II. Conceptions of “the good war” a. The good war i. “Good vs. Evil” ii. Evil easily identified (Hitler, Japan, Nazis) iii. US on side of the good iv. Easy to see especially compared to wars after WWII v. 16 million soldiers who fought that were are considered to be The Greatest Generation 1. Little dissent during WWII from American public a. FDR prepared the American public for this process – telling them it was going to be a long and bloody war b. Public trusted FDR b/c he got them through the Depression 2. Japanese atrocities anger the American public a. Pearl Harbor, Japan takes 30 thousand US troops prisoner and forced to march across an island called Bataan b. Anyone who fell behind were killed 3. Germany and Japan are totalitarian 4. Economic concerns war costing the US markets in Asia and Europe 5. Really wasn’t much needed for propaganda posters 6. Not a lot of goals – victory alone was enough – they just wanted to “win and go home”
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7. No outbreak of hysteria a. No espionage act, or sedition act 8. EXCEPT against Japanese-Americans living on the west coast a. After Pearl Harbor there were rumors that the Japanese-Americans were working for the nation of Japan and paving a way for the attack b. All persons of Japanese ancestries living on the west coast are to be evacuated to internment camps i. 127 thousand were relocated to internment camps
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9-world war 2 - World War II I. Fighting and defeating...

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