13 Postwar Liberalism Fulfilled- The Kennedy and Johnson Years

13 Postwar Liberalism Fulfilled- The Kennedy and Johnson Years

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Postwar Liberalism Fulfilled: The Kennedy and Johnson Years I. Basic Characteristics (6) a. Four Original characteristics i. Supply of large natural resources ii. Great intellectual population iii. Believed Government must constantly be involved/ manage economy 1. Support new deal programs iv. Government has responsibility to provide basic standards of living and uphold Civil RIghts 1. Believe government needs to do more, Government should be involved in providing health care 2. No public mandate, Truman tried – congress turned him down b. Two New Characteristics i. Believe government has to try to end poverty 1. Wealthiest nation, dynamic economy – no reason for anyone in America to be living in poverty 2. Not doing it by simply giving them money 3. Instead they will give these people the skills to do it on their own – no handouts ii. Safe guarding the environment 1. Big business isn’t interested 2. Government has to do it a. Better improve American culture – big businesses won’t do it a. John Kennedy – 1960 i. Kenneday/Nixon election was the Extremely closest election of all time. Kennedy won. ii. Eisenhower was VP iii. Background 1. MA family – smart, wealthy, WWII Vet 2. Good looking – 43 years old, youngest ELECTED president [not the youngest president served] 3. Picture perfect family
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4. Called the Camelot time while in the white house 5. Was a womanizer iv. Under Kennedy, postwar liberalism rolled out 1. He campaigned on“Finding New Frontiers” even thought he did very little of this as president. He did a lot more in foreign policy than any other president. 2. Implement those 6 goals 3. Accomplished very little, didn’t find many new frontiers 4. More active w/ foreign policy, did very well domestically 5. Why? a. Moves timidly domestically b/c of political reality [he was barley elected, doesn’t want to turn off potential voters] b. Worried about southern democrats in Congress because they did not see him as a good president [scared to touch Civil Rights] c. When elected in 60s, wasn’t popular figure in south d. Able to carry southern vote b/c of Johnson as his VP on ticket e. Assassinated f. Didn’t have time to accomplish much, only in office for 2 years before killed v. Domestic wise – did very little vi. Would he have be able to do what Johnson did – we don’t know b. Johnson’s presidency i. Lyndon Johnson took over and Postwar liberalism completely erupted. 1.
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13 Postwar Liberalism Fulfilled- The Kennedy and Johnson Years

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