12-emergence of postwar liberalism

12-emergence of postwar liberalism - E mergence of Postwar...

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Emergence of Postwar Liberalism a. Happened during the same time as Cold way & economic boom. The emergence of postwar liberalism was a Continuation of liberal philosophy views of progressive reform 1. Context b. 4 Basic Characteristics: i. Believed that America was a incredible unique country: 1. Blessed w/ beautiful natural resources and an amazing Intellectual ability for unparalleled economic growth. Throught America didn’t have any “classes”, thought that everyone could join the middle-class and that there was no need for racial changes just need to keep growing the economy ii. For this to happen thought the government had to manage the economy to sustain that economic growth 1. New gov agencies and Programs were working and helped the economy boom 2. Government oversight is working iii. Thought the gov had to ensure Basic Standards of living for all americans 1. Social security, minimum wage, federal housing all seen as great programs 2. Want to go further; expand these programs and provide other basic standards such as Healthcare iv. Thought the gov would have to do something about civil rights II. Truman Years a. Background: i. Took over after Roosevelt died, Truman was the First postwar liberalist and wanted to expand the new deal programs such as national health insurance and
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12-emergence of postwar liberalism - E mergence of Postwar...

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