15- cold war heats up

15- cold war heats up - Cold War Heats Up I. Eisenhowers...

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Cold War Heats Up I. Eisenhower’s Approach to Cold War i. Hesitant to support Cold War like Truman did ii. Quickly become most hardcore containment and persecuting cold war iii. Emphasized they were ready to go to war; talked; discussed going further than containment; liberate north Korea; roll back communism iv. Talked tough; behavior more cautious b. Containment gets “New Look” 1. Designed to deemphasize US military involvement in conflict; even cut military spending; maintaining army and fighting war very expensive a. Eisenhower believed US risked losing Cold War by spending too much 2. How to fight the cold War for less? a. Eisenhower begins building massive nuclear stockpile instead of army; less expensive than funding an army 3. Have to be willing to use it comes up w/ Doctrine of massive retaliation ii. Doctrine of Massive Retaliation a. No matter what attack on US, we’ll respond by using all our nuclear missiles; will result in nuclear annihilation of attacking nation b. Designed to make soviet union think twice about attempting anything 2. Brinkmanship Diplomacy a. In any crisis, when negotiating, you immediately take negotiations all the way to nuclear war; no small talk; don’t mess around; tell them “you do this or its nuclear war: b. Goal is to make Soviet Union and or China back down; make them think we really will do so iii. Covert Operations 1. Instead of getting our troops involved, use convert operations (CIA) to get insurgencies started in countries we have problems w/; stages coop; to overthrow those governments; cost less to have CIA out there than send troops 2. Happens successfully many times; best example: a. Iran – early 1950s…Iran bordered the SU and Iran elected new prime minister who in our eyes is too friendly to SU who nationalizes some foreign oil companies; he was a socialist and seemed hostile to US; we fear we’ve lost the Cold War ally; we send CIA to Iran to instigate an insurgency and a coop which topples the government (democratically
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15- cold war heats up - Cold War Heats Up I. Eisenhowers...

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