2- 5 changes in american societty

2- 5 changes in american societty - 5 Changes in American...

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5 Changes in American Society I. Rise of national business & industrial system (EMERGANCE OF MODERN FACTORY SYSTEM) a. Factors behind riseMost things homemade or produced locally i. 1. Rise of railroad/in these decades RR network takes off 2. 35,000 miles of RR tracks by end of Civil War 3. 1900 over 200,000 miles 4. Connected throughout entire U.S. 5. RRs are America’s first big business 6. Lots of capital to develop 7. a. Towns, factories, coal mines 8. RR allows for rapid and inexpensive transportation of goods a. Replaces horse-drawn wagon and riverboat 9. Need to be able to communicate coast to coast a. Telegraph spreads out b. RR made deals with telegraph companies c. RR use telegraph service for free and let them run their lines along RR tracks d. Sophisticated to us? No, but at this time, it works e. Bell invents telephone f. Refrigerator railcars g. Turning iron into steel is perfected i. With steel can build RR tracks, skyscrapers h. Oil refining —not for cars, for lubricating machines
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i. Cars don’t exist yet. 1. These people needed in order for technological advancement 2. J.D. Rockefeller a. Started oil reefing business b. Good at expanding that company c. Began to take over competitors i. Owned over 90% d. Standard Oil Exxon e. Andrew Carnnegy i. Went to great Britain and saw turning iron into steel ii. Brought in back to U.S. iii. Also very good at expanding that small company iv. By 1900, owned largest steel company in world v. Became U.S. Steel 3. Successful b/c they were ruthless businessmen a. Broke laws where there was no gov’t. regulation b. Paid workers as little as they could get away c. Given nickname “Robber Barons”
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2- 5 changes in american societty - 5 Changes in American...

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