5-emergence - Emergence of a New Racial Order I. Asians in...

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Emergence of a New Racial Order I. Asians in the west a. California b. Chinese immigrants c. Dramatic in Chinese immigration on the West coast beginning in the early 1850 d. Came for the Gold e. Most didn’t strike it rich turned to working for the RR when they didn’t get rich from gold f. Homeland is in turmoil, and opportunity looks better in the US then it does in china g. Want to make money and return to china h. Mostly all mail, peasant class i. Arrive in tens of thousands j. Causes a lot of tension w/ the whites that are already there and the Chinese that arrive i. Chinese looks different to Americans w/ the clothes, style of life, food, etc ii. Didn’t understand their culture iii. Believed they were devil worshipers to an extent iv. A Big misunderstanding was that when the Chinese would die, they would bury them and then box up the bones and send the bones back to China 1. Did this b/c the burial plots in China are held very high, and if you were to die the family would want to have members buried in the plot 2. CA made laws against this v. Would work for less so they would take their jobs vi. Believed they were a racial threat to the US k. Reaction i. Violence against the Chinese that arrived on the West Coast ii. Eventually CA bands the ability of Chinese immigrants to testify in court iii. Congress passes Chinese Exclusion Act - 1882 1. Bans Chinese immigration to the US
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2. Chinese immigrants that are already in the US aren’t ever allowed citizenship
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5-emergence - Emergence of a New Racial Order I. Asians in...

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