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persuasion in news media T2 - Persuasion in News Media...

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Persuasion in News Media Thursday, March 10, 2011 9:11 AM Elian Gonzalez Affair Elian's Journey (Nov 1999) - 6 year old Cuban boy, whose parents are divorced mother decides to try to escape Cuba. Elian, his mother, and 12 other Cubans get on a small aluminum boat and try to sail to Florida. The engine malfunctions, Elian's mom and nine others die. Elian and one other survivor make it to the Florida coast. US-Cuban Relations : considerable tension, historically there has been this trend of Cubans trying to escape Immigrations laws : Wet Feet-Dry Feet Rule if a Cuban is picked up at sea or walking toward shore (still have wet feet), they are immediately forced back to Cuba. If they have successfully made it (have dry feet), they can apply for political asylum (protection from the dictatorship of Cuba) Custody Battle : Elian has a great uncle in Florida who takes custody of him. Elian was picked up in an inner tube (?), so the Wet Feet rule applies to him. Since his mother is dead, his father has legal custody of him. His father wants him back, but his uncle doesn't want to give him up. This custody battle epitomizes the relations between the US and Canada. Attorney General orders return of Elian to his father
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persuasion in news media T2 - Persuasion in News Media...

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