*beginning of exam 2 notes

*beginning of exam 2 notes - T/TH 05:10 MC 2525 EXAM 2...

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Unformatted text preview: T/TH 05:10 MC 2525 EXAM 2 Vivid appeals: Don’t always work Electronic Eloquence: persuaders need to learn an intimate side of personification, they need a intimate, relational style of communication—as if they are talking to a friend. This is more of a women’s way to communicate. • Personification- using individual to represent something more complex or abstract. When arguing about health care, instead of talking about facts, talk about a person who has a job who has cancer, etc. • Self disclosure- when people give very personal convictions for what they’re arguing. o Ex: Al Gore told a story of how his sister died from lung cancer from smoking. He told this story to use it as a way to get tobacco banned. o Ex: Oprah weight gain; “How did I let this happen again?” She wants people to trust her, like her more, feel like she is one of them. • Conversational style- informal, casual relaxed way of communicating that makes television audiences at ease o Ex: Sarah Palin; very good in front of TV camera as if one is right there with her • Verbal distillation- we have short attention spans; persuaders rely on short snippets of information to get the message across o Ex: Ronald Reagan “there you go again” • Visual Dramatization: A visual that shows an idea that you are trying to convey o “I’m reporting for duty”- John Kerry; trying to appeal to a certain demographic Pseudo-Events- staged events that make use of visual images to promote news coverage....
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*beginning of exam 2 notes - T/TH 05:10 MC 2525 EXAM 2...

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